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About Federica Lipuma

Federica Lipuma is vocalist, composer, and educator who specializes in jazz and creative contemporary music with and without words.

“LeePuma Vol. 1 ...everything changes” is the debut album from the LeePuma quartet for Inner Circle Music. The band’s frontwoman is Federica Lipuma, who is also the singer, composer and arranger of the album. The body of work pays an authentic tribute to the art of voice in which experimentation, tradition and innovation blend perfectly. Lipuma is the author of 10 out the 11 tracks, strongly influenced by one of her greatest passions, traditional jazz. The sound of the album is incredibly dynamic and its composition and vocal approach varies from song to song.

Lipuma originates from Sicily and began taking singing classes at the age of 11 and approached jazz studies very early. Even though jazz has always been her biggest love, her vocal versatility allowed her to gain a lot of experiences in musicals, vocal chamber music and gospel over the years.

In 2011 she moved to Rome to study at the Conservatory where she graduated cum laude in 2016. In the recent years, she has also studied with Roy Hargrove, Johnny O'Neall, Justin Robinson, Roberta Gambarini, Dado Moroni, Maria Pia De Vito and many others. She has worked in Italy and other countries’ jazz festivals with some of the most important jazz musicians such as Rosario Giuliani, Paolo Damiani, the Portuguese Pedro Santos and many others.

She currently lives in Rome, spending her time composing and making experimental research on vocal techniques.

Photo by Mark Wilson | Website by Ben Azzara 2015