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About Emilie Weibel

Brooklynite Emilie Weibel is a vocalist and composer from the French part of Switzerland. About her experimental project oMoO, The Village Voice says "Emilie is the subtle songbird with an equally mesmerizing presence and a DIY ethos. In her Omoo guise, Weibel—with an assortment of entrancing lo-fi electronics, loop devices, a cheap music box and voice effects—creates minimalist vocal magic, occasionally with a honeyed backdrop of Stereolab-like la-la's but always with an aesthetic all her own that is downright otherworldly." oMoO was selected in New York Ten Best Concert of the Week among with Mika and Fleetwood Mac (April 2013, The Village Voice) Her debut album was released in May 2014 with Jazz titant Greg Osby's progressive record label Inner Circle Music. It was selected in the Top Album of the month in Jazz News Magazine.

Emilie has studied jazz and improvisation with Gretchen Parlato, Ralph Alessi, and Jen Shyu. She also studies classical voice with Janet Steel and is very influenced by her friend and mentor Sara Serpa. Emilie has performed at the Stone, Cameo Gallery, Glasslands, The Brooklyn Museum, Cornelia Street Cafe, The Sound It Out Series and La Parenthese for the Festival de la Batie among other great places in New York and Europe.

"What is striking about her show is that she travels light, just her voice, a looper, a sampler, a few essentials to connect the devices to the speakers, a book of poetry by Mallarme, and a homemade music box with a player strip she punched herself. She uses the looper to accompany her own voice with itself and build layers of sound live and mostly in the moment. The effect is exceptionally delicate at times, playfully idiosyncratic, and sometimes stirring, a sort of musical bricolage that reminded me of everything from the Symbolist poets, to Dada and the Futurists,the onomatopoetic conceits and childlike fancies of the "Banquet Years", and - given the technology she was using - the eccentricities of more recent artists in the vein of Bjork. The fruitful irony of all these associations is that they add up to something original rather than borrowed. I look forward to what the future holds for this very intriguing project." - John Osburn (September 2012)

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