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About Sojung Lee

Born and raised in Korea, Sojung came to the United Sates to study and first came to prominence on Broadway as the star of the mega hit, "Miss Saigon." Since then she has starred in many musicals around the world including the role of Lorraine, the heroine in the hit European musical "Dracula." Chosen by Disney to be the voice of Mulan in the movie's Korean release, she was also invited to play the role of Princess Jasmine in Disney's musical spectacle "Aladdin." Aside from the many musicals she has done, Sojung has also appeared as a featured soloist in concerts around the world. Most memorable are the celebratory performances for the Presidential Inauguration and the World Cup Series as well as performances before such world figures as the Princess of Spain, the president of the International Olympic Committee and the Prime minister of Australia to name a few.

Often compared to that of Barbra Streisand, her voice has depth, strength, heart, joy and soul. She brings purity and truth to every song she sings coupled with a charismatic stage presence that invites the audience to share her heart-felt stories. One critic, after seeing her perform, summed her up as follows: Her voice, like a rich rainbow of textures embraces your heart and remains long after the performance is over. Sojung Lee is determined to make history on the world stage as a timeless voice that is much needed in today's adult contemporary music scene. All she asks is that you listen.

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